My EverQuest page

I recently started back up on Everquest. I created two characters - Barelern Hannigan, a human warrior, and Kwerk Thistleweed, a halfling druid.

As Barelern, my main adventuring companions are Ruarta, a halfling druid, and Genoernie, a human paladin. One of my favorite activities with them was hunting griffons and giants and North Karana. Ruarta would track them down and we would follow him after the target.

As Kwerk, my companions are Bauldar, a barbarian warrior, and Lilyenie, a high elf cleric (the same players that play Ruarta and Genoernie). I enjoy soloing the griffons and giants, but it's starting to get a little dull.

Levelling timeline for my characters

Anyway, here are some interesting pics I've taken while playing EverQuest.

Genoernie, Ruarta and me downing our first giant on the shoreline of North Karana. They hit very hard. Soon afterwards we mastered having a damageless hunt. Ruarta would snare and burn them enough so that Geno and I could whack on the giant's backside while it chased Ruarta, ignoring us entirely.


Genoernie, Ruarta and me taking out a griffon in North Karana. Griffons will also tear you up badly.


While in West Commonlands taking on the Dervish Cutthroats, our group was buffed by a passing druid, and she turned us all into wolves. While we were in pack form, one of the members tracked a werewolf, so we lured it to our location and took him out.


This is what happens when a bunch of guilders get together and help a fellow rogue retrieve some pieces for an epic. The NPC's name was Stanos Herkanor, and apparently, it took a lot to take him down. This battle occurred in Highhold Pass. I was just passing through hoping to camp the orc spawns for Vopuk Shralok. He drops an idol that sells well. I didn't hang around long - I didn't want to get burned up by all the magic being used.


Everyone else was shrunk, and I was enlarged. Talk about a reversed world. I think I sat on a few of them. This was in the basement of Highkeep, a favorite hunting spot for character levels 24-35. The experience bonus made levelling there very fast, especially if you were level 24 and were in a group that was pulling from the deepest rooms.


A druid in East Karana was training some lions to collect pelts. He killed them all with a single area effect spell. I'd say he had a modest fan club here. Looks like he accidentally grabbed a snake, too.


I've made a gnome enchanter named Dippy Doodle, and a vah shir beastlord named Rholin Bloodclaw. Dippy has reached level 39 and spends most of his time now in Highkeep buffing the lower level parties. Rholin has passed Kwerk, is now at level 55, and soloes out in Dulak's Harbor fighting pirates.

I've since reached 56, and am getting close to 57, but the intensity of the grind and the buildup of the work needed to get there almost forces me to want to level more instead of being satisfied with getting the level. And I don't enjoy playing that way at all. I've been to the planes and have for the most part been insulted ("Which plane is good for a 55 beastlord?" "Crushbone"... "How do I leave PoJ" "You give me your money, then you die and reappear at your bind spot"). It's getting to be very much not worth it.

In any case, my characters:

Barelern Hannigan, 43rd level human warrior

Likes: Always in the front line of a group, taunting to control agro
Dislikes: No SoW or invis to get to a location, frantic melee grows tiresome

Kwerk Thistleweed, 53rd level halfling druid

Likes: Convenient porting around the world, safe travel and escapes, quad kiting
Dislikes: Limited group role (buff, heal, snare), high level solo XP is slow and tedious

Dippy Doodle, 39th level gnome enchanter

Likes: Gets to take care of a group
Dislikes: Sometimes taken for granted

Rholin Bloodclaw, 56th level vah shir beastlord

Likes: Good soloer, can invis and SoW, DPS accepted in groups
Dislikes: High level solo XP is tedious, slow and repetitive, no crowd control

UPDATE: In August of 2004, I participated in the first stress test for World of Warcraft. It's an easy world to get into, and I had a lot of fun. After the stress test ended, my taste for EQ was gone and since cancelled my account. My last opportunity to post in the forums expired in early September.

Rholin did finally end up as level 62. I also made a Rogue called Kraytter Thistleweed (who was at first just an experiment to see how much damage I would take jumping off Karana Canyon - I never ended up dying from the falls). He eventually made it to level 46, doing a lot of damage along the way, and went to the Plane of Knowledge and got his Open Locks trained up to 200. After that, I had no goals for him and didn't look forward to joining the planar adventurers, so I just stopped playing. The rogue was fun for the time I played him.